Sunday, 26 June 2016

Day 10: Maasai

After a whole week of hard work and lots of fun interactions with the members of the local community, the volunteers were ready for a relaxing Saturday. 

Most of us spent the morning visiting a coffee plantation and learning about how it is cultivated, harvested, washed, peeled, and dried. 

After our regular lunch of rice and beans, we had enough time to rest, read, play games, and spend time playing with the local kids. 

Later in the afternoon, 3 Masai men and 3 Masai women visited us for a cultural exchange. We had the opportunity to hear about their culture and traditions as well as to bombard them with specific questions about religion, marriage, death, education, etc. 

They were just as curious to hear about our western culture and were quite surprised that we could not marry more than one wife, but could easily "abandon" her through a divorce. 

Later, they danced and sang for us and we had dinner together. Even though Saturday was a very relaxing day, it turned out to be culturally very rich. 

By Nelson

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