Friday, 17 June 2016

Day 2: Arrival into Dareda

After a lovely breakfast at charity lodge we boarded the coach to Dareda. During the 3 and half hour journey we were lucky enough to spot zebra and wildebeast grazing on the side of the road. 

We had a brief stop in a town called Babati where we met Mr Khaembe who facilitates and manages the Karimu projects from the Tanzanian side. 

40 minutes later we arrived at the Dareda agricultural institute where we are staying throughout the project work to be greeted by the most amazing welcome. 

A team of dancers welcomed us at the entrance and then we had 2 hours of dance performances and welcomes by the senior members of the community. 

Many of the volunteers were involved in the dancing alongside the locals who taught them new steps to varying levels of success. 

Following a delicious meal of rice, beans and veg we had our in-country orientation from our leaders Julia and Jack. The topics covered our project, weekly plan, poo and cultural exchanges. 

Everyone has gone to bed for a good nights sleep for tomorrow we head to the project for pur first day of work.

Swahili lessons over breakfast: 

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