Monday, 20 June 2016

Day 5: Starting work... And a Game of Assasins!

Waking up at 7 is quite early for a foggy day. That was how this morning welcomed us to the first work day at the project site. 

After a talkative breakfast we all gathered outside, seated on the grass for a little bit and heard Kelly's laugh regarding her own murder. The assassination game was on and our fellow friend was "murdered" by her own mother, very exciting for a Monday morning. 

With everyone's eyes wide open and no trust in each other, (we are taking the game quite serious) we headed up to the birth center.

Nelson was a good leader, Martin was good care-taker, the group was great at working and Jack was great at killing. Did I mention Janice died? Thankfully only in the game. Following the crime scene: some swiping, painting, breaking, cleaning, lifting, eating, drinking water, drinking water, drinking water... 

There was lots of work but a Swahili lesson for our lunch break. 
And with our Swahili well trained by Alfred, we were guided to a little more work and then the amazing view that the walk back carries. 

Back at the institute we divided ourselves between showers, photography class and working out and finally met again to play some cards and eventually have dinner. Ending the night with a quiz that made us go to bed reflecting about the world we live in. 

From Victoria.


  1. Victoria! Estamos com muita saudade, mamãe, papai e Dinho, mas muito felizes por você estar descobrindo um mundo novo e que nem sequer conseguimos imaginar!!!

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