Thursday, 23 June 2016

Day 8: Games

We woke up to a chilly morning, and after having breakfast, we started the walk to the site. 

The exterior of the building is painted with yellow and light blue around the edge. Under the direction of Mr Robin, along with Kelly's assistance, everyone stayed hydrated and protected. 

In the afternoon, Daniel the head teacher invited the adults to his house, where they enjoyed a delicious meal. The children and the leaders stayed at the secondary school and had an art class with the local kids. 

The students did a incredible job and we can feel their enthusiasm and artistic talents. 

The games that came after the art session filled the afternoon with laughter. 

On the way back to the institute, Marianne was assasinated by Luciana. Soon after we got back, Ling assinated Sam with a pair of flipflops but eased the pain by giving her a lovely present! 

It's Sam's birthday today, so we had a birthday party in the dining hall, played games and enjoyed soda. Good day!
By Frankie and Ling

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