Sunday, 26 June 2016

Day 11: A Pea Fayre

Today was the second, much appreciated, day of rest from project work. 

In the morning half of the group went with Julia to the Lutheran church, and the other half stayed behind at the institute with Jack. 

These lazy loungers spent the morning napping, reading, and playing cards. A few of us even listened to music for the first time since our arrival, and were surprised  at how rich the sounds seemed. One of the things we are all experiencing here is that the absence of the usual (and often unnecessary) embellishments that fill our days at home creates an intense appreciation of such pleasures that we would normally take for granted. 

Tonight, for example, Nelson gave everyone a small bag of gummy bears, causing a ruckus of excited shouts of gratitude!

In the afternoon, we all participated in the "pea fair"; a sort of market of skills and talents organised by Julia. 

These talents included yoga poses, back massages, portrait drawing, personal haikus, song writing, Chinese name writing, and, my personal favourite, love advice. 

We are currently playing the game two truths and a lie after a fabulous dinner featuring Chinese food cooked by Ling. 

Usiku Mwema, Sam.

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