Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Day 14: Final farewells to Bacho

The warm Wednesday morning made any other summer day feel like winter. We slept an extra hour and took off to the project site after packing our rooms. 

Water bottles, sun screen (or cream) and chlorine drops filled up our backpacks as we headed up. 

In front of the big yellow building we helped to put up, we sat in a tent to watch the entire village thank us with beautiful singing and traditional dancing. 

They entertained us for almost 4 hours until we headed to the secondary school for a late lunch: rice and no beans but a furry (and cooked) goat that tasted good and looked alive. 

After a massive lunch we headed back to the institute under the 'equator style' sun for one last time and the view was even prettier, as if that was even possible. 

Cold showers, last time playing with the kids and safari outfits led us to the last dinner with kind words from Alfred, Mister Kaaya and Peter that put us to bed with teary eyes and heavy hearts.  

We leave at 6:30am for safari tomorrow! How safari can we get?

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