Saturday, 18 June 2016

Day 3: Getting to know Bacho

This morning we all had the pleasure of sleeping in a bit in order to recover from our jet lag. At 8:00 breakfast was served, and at 9:00, we started our one hour walk to the current project site, passing past projects on the way. 

First we passed the elementary school, and said Jambo (hello) to all of the little kids there. We all signed a visitor book which was full of names from previous volunteers, and met a very nice teacher named Clement. 

We arrived at the project site at around noon, and were all surprised at the large size of the maternity ward which should be complete by November. 

Next we toured the rest of the village, and saw another school along with a health centre and a teacher's house.  At 1:30 lunch was served in one of the classrooms, followed by a fun game of Banana Grams! 

Back at the project site, we talked to some of the local workers who helped us plan our duties for Monday when the work starts. 

After, we walked back through the fields, and admired the beautiful mountainous scenary. Once back, we all enjoyed taking a freezing shower, playing with the kids, and playing cards. 

At 7:00 dinner was served, and a fun connecting game followed. Overall it was an exciting and tiring day, which everyone of us can appreciate. We are all grateful to be a part of this trip, and new members of the wonderful Derusha community.

Martin and Robin

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