Sunday, 19 June 2016

Day 4: Church and Birthdays

On a beautiful Sunday morning, the group headed off to our very first church visit after a fulfilling breakfast of bread and sausages. 

During the spectacular trail of vast scenery of luscious trees, we attempted to hold conversations using only a guide book in hand. 'Nisiku missouri sana (?)', meaning what a beautiful day, seemed to confuse the locals more than we intended to. 

At the service, the church was filled with harmonious singing by the church choir which naturally brought the massive amount of locals together in a melting pot. It was a fascinating yet beautiful experience. 

We had the pleasure of being introduced individually to the crowd by the priest after Don's heartfelt speech (and we later found out that it was his birthday! Happy birthday again Don!!). 

After the service, we travelled back to the village and ended the day with a fun session with the local kids and a stressful game of 'stress'. We look forward to our last peaceful night, as the assination game will commence tomorrow. May the odds be ever in your favour Karimu volunteers!

-Janice and Ayana

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